Say Goodbye to Newspaper!

Since summer is almost here we have to say goodbye.  I know I will miss Newspaper and being at LOP!  Thank you to everyone who checked out the newspaper and maybe the new 5th graders will take my place as the new LOP Editor.  We will have to wait and see!  Have a GREAT summer and see you next year in middle school!

-LOP Editor Hanna R. 5th Grader

I just want to say that I have had a WONDERFUL time here at Newspaper Club. This is one of the years at LOP I won’t ever forget. I hope everyone next year who joins Newspaper Club have a great time!

-LOP Editor Justin C. 5th Graper


News Maker Of The Week! (Part 2!)

This is the second part of THE NEWS MAKER OF THE WEEK.

For part two, we have one of the many athletes of the school…


From Ms. Russo’s 3rd grade class, Olivia ran in the Spring Lake Run on Memorial Day weekend. She finished the race at 400 meters. For her participation, she earned a medal. Ms. Russo, you have a star student!

And with that, we end THE NEWS MAKER SAGA. We hope you have enjoyed this program.



News Maker of the Week! Part 1!

Congratulations to Michael V, Dominick C, and Max G for a great win at the Marlboro Madness Tournament 2012.  These 4th and 5th graders were on the North Howell Bombers and they won the tournament! The Bombers came all the way from last place up to first place beating the Mustangs 12-2! Congratulations boys!

LOP Caribbean Night! Also, More On The Surprise Of June 1st!

As you know, on Friday, June 1st, it’s Caribbean Night at LOP! I’m sure it will be a lot of fun!

Admission is $5.00 per child, and adults that wish to participate. There is sure to be a lot of fun games. I probably won’t be there, but I’m sure you’ll have fun. My partner on this part of the blog, Hanna, will be going to Caribbean Night. She’ll probably tell me what it was like if I don’t go.

Now, if you look at the title, it also says that I have more information about the Surprise of June 1st. Here it is: the surprise is at the Caribbean Night. That means, if you don’t go to Caribbean Night, you won’t be able to witness the awesomeness that’s probably to come.

All in all, the Caribbean Night will probably be a HUGE success.


Welcome to the Interest Fair!

On May 24th, 4th and 5th graders presented their information to the Interest Fair.  Each student was asked to pick a topic and do research on it.  Then they were to present the information in a cool way. Whether it be a slideshow or tri-fold board.  If I say so myself I think they did a great job with it.  Each topic was unique and had lots of information.  If you asked a question the researcher could answer it.  Topics ranged from sports, to auto-biographies, to animals, to music, and even numbers.   The Interest Fair was a great success and I hope they continue it for a long time.

-Hanna Rosenmertz


Field Day Review!

On Wednesday May 23, 2012 Land O’ Pines school participated in field day.  It was a bundle of fun with all of the exciting stations to go to.  The 5th graders all got to run a station and teach the younger grades how to play.  From tug-of-war to maze master to water games everyone had fun.


In the morning it was beautiful outside and the sun was shining. Later in the day though it began to rain. But nobody was going to let this rain on their parade!  So after waiting inside for the rain to stop, almost everyone went outside to have a little more fresh air.


We would like to say thank you to Mr. D. and Mrs. D. for making this field day one to remember!

By: Hanna Rosenmertz


Tomorrow, the LOP famous Field Day is not cancelled (so far :O)! If you’re a first grader and has no idea what I’m talking about, here it is. Every year LOP has a special Field Day. During that day every kid from 1st – 5th grade participates, and it’s really fun. We do all these different activities, such as the games Drip Drip Drop and Tug-Of-War. There are also games that you have to use your mind to, like Maze Master. All in all, it’s all great. On sunny days we play water games. If it isn’t sunny, we don’t. Also, we play games in the gym, such as volleyball. For a lot of people, Field Day is the best thing since toast. I hope everyone loves Field Day as much as I do. And with that, it’s the end of this post.